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The Building of the New

For roughly 9 months, I had been working on the new website for the BZFlag project with the help of some awesome contributors; the planning and early work started in July 2018 but full speed development didn't really start until November 2018. On April 1st, 2019, the site was made live! I love a good and elaborate April Fools' joke, so what better way of participating this year than by launching a completely redesigned website for a project close to my heart? I mean, I also finally released my AOLer plug-in this year to troll but that's beside the point.

Want to support what I do?

Everything I do is out of sheer unbearable boredom where I'd go crazy if I didn't keep myself occupied. In turn, you get to benefit from the random things I build. So if you want to support me, here's a few ways how.