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interstellar space pirate extraordinaire

i'm a senior full-stack software developer
who has helped build...

and contributor to many open source communities
you may know me from...

Free multi-player 3D tank battle game for Windows, Linux, and macOS. I'm a core developer for the project and community.

A syntax highlighting library written in JavaScript. I'm a core team member for the project.

A static site generator written in Ruby. My Liquid snippets power a lot of the most popular Jekyll themes.

A popular programming language. I maintain a number of PHP libraries used throughout the entire PHP ecosystem.

i occasionally write about my experiences
they're interesting some of the time...

All good things must come to an end, am I right? And with Stack Overflow's second round of layoffs this past week, I figured I'd finally write something. My tenure at Stack Overflow ended prematurely. Unfortunately, I was affected by its May 2023 layoff, and truth be told, I was heartbroken. No workplace is ever perfect, but I loved working at Stack Overflow. I was proud of the impact I was making, an impact on the lives of millions of developers around the world. To say I was blindsided by the layoff is an understatement.