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Hi, I'm allejo
(or "allejome" or "allejo256" if someone has rudely taken "allejo" on a specific website)

My name's Vladimir and I'm a computer science major with a minor in GIS; the CS part is terribly boring. I spend a lot of time around the open source community and contribute to projects as I can. I specialize in web design but I do a lot of work with Linux server administration, development, and graphic design.

I joined the BZFlag community in 2008 and started submitting patches along with writing plug-ins; I'm now part of the development team and run the largest game server. I've slowly branched out and have joined other open source communities in different manners.

I'm socially awkward and sometimes I'm funny; I'm also notorious for breaking the build.


Web Developer

CSUN Associated Students

Jan 2014 - Current

I maintain the Associated Students (AS) website, develop internal web applications used by staff, and build websites dedicated to projects or events hosted by AS. I also maintain PhpPulse, an API wrapper for DaPulse — the collaboration tool my team uses. The internal web applications I work on are built on top of Symfony and Vue.js, depending on the usage of the tool.

  • php
  • symfony
  • sass
  • jekyll

Web Developer Intern

City of Santa Monica

Jun 2014 - Current

I'm a part of Santa Monica's web development team where I work on building and maintaining city websites; additionally, I contribute to several of our open source projects. Some of the bigger projects I've worked on so far have been publishing our website analytics and redesigning the BigBlueBus website to be mobile responsive.

During the summers of 2014, 2015, and 2016, I assisted in running the Santa Monica Youth Tech Program where I served as a web development instructor teaching high school students the basics of web design and development.

  • bootstrap
  • c#
  • sass
  • jekyll

Student Representative, Associated Students

Classroom Technology Committee

Sep 2014 - Jun 2015

The Classroom Technology Committee (CTC) is an ad-hoc working group reporting to the Advisory Committee on Academic Technology, comprising stakeholders and individuals with an interest in ensuring the effective use of classroom technologies.

Web Developer Intern

City of Santa Monica

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013

I worked with the web development team focusing on the front-end of their new department websites. While I spent the majority of my time working on the front-end of websites, I spent some time porting old VB code to C# in the websites that were being updated and worked on building search functionality for the Historic Resources Inventory database.

  • c#
  • css
  • javascript


Docker Docs Hackathon 2017

2nd Place

Mar 2017

I participated in Docker's Docs Hackathon to help improve their documentation website. I'm not familiar enough with Docker to be able to update/write their documentation so I participated in a way I could still benefit the community: I submitted pull request #2860, which improved the responsive behavior of the website and reduced the redundancy of certain aspects of the site's Jekyll code. This single pull request fixed several related issues that were open and some that hadn't even been opened yet.

AppJam 2015

2nd Place

Apr 2015

I participated in CSUN's first annual AppJam event with a team of friends to create Coral Financeā€”a sandboxed financial stock application. The goal of this app was to expose students to the stock market risk-free by simulating purchases of real stocks to show profit or losses. I created a fake stock market, accessible through an API, which moved at a quicker pace than the real stock market to see quicker results.