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From Underachiever to Uhm...

A really long time ago I posted that I was an underachiever and sorry to disappoint but I still am. Well... Sorta. Maybe. Mostly.

Alright, so it's my third year of college and I'm still not entirely fond of it nor the concept of it but I've grown to slightly tolerate it now that I've taken some classes that I've actually liked. I am still pissed off with the administration and the politics that happen within my university but that's anywhere, I guess... Not much I can do about that. Regardless of me liking the class, I'm still an underachiever where I have not had one class where I go out of my way to actually complete a project or homework assignment or study for it. Not even my computer science classes. Really? Yes, really. I really do not mean to sound arrogant but my computer science classes are beyond boring, I haven't learned much from my professors with the exception of ARM. Heck, I have even had friends in higher level classes come to me for help and I've been able to help them. So computer science classes get the least amount of effort and the most amount of experimentation. By experimentation, I mean I try a lot of ideas that I come up with no matter how bad or good of a practice they are, so it has its perks.

I always open source my homework assignments and it seems that my classmates have "forked" my homework assignments to turn it in as their own... While that was not my intention, I won't cease to open source my homework simply because other people are turning it as their own. I know a few classmates do appreciate the examples and working examples.

Now, I'm not going to say I'm a complete underachiever, I do put a lot extra effort into projects that I have started and care deeply about such as BZiON or LeagueOverseer. I also do put a lot effort into the projects I have at work simply because I enjoy it.

I guess you could say I only put effort when it's something I enjoy. I guess I don't enjoy school. Oops...

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