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July 2017 Radio Silence

If you've been following my BZFlag Plug-ins for Dummies series, you may have noticed the radio silence for the past two weeks. Don't worry, the project is still alive and scheduled to continue. The past two weeks have just been incredibly busy for me with work, summer school, and projects so I haven't had time to write any new chapters; heck even my GitHub contributions graph has been quiet. I've got a new chapter for that series planned for July 29, so don't worry you'll be able to continue writing plug-ins.

If you're curious as to why there's been radio silence, it's because I've been busy researching and learning more about web accessibility; BZiON is the guinea pig for everything I've been learning so far. You can expect a huge update to the Leagues United website by the end of the August or mid-September. One of the most anticipated features is the introduction of individual ELO ratings for players and as I promised, that's coming by the end of summer. There have been some remarks made concerning the lack of progress with this feature and my response to that is: BZiON is an open source project maintained by two people during their spare time.

Anyhow, BZiON 0.9.3 is scheduled for some time before the end of September and that's as accurate as I can be. Chapter 6 of BZFlag Plug-ins for Dummies is scheduled for next Saturday.