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Recap of 2017

It's been a busy semester, I just completed my second to last semester of my college career. The end of 2017 is approaching and what I have accomplished in the past year? Looking back, I don't really feel like I accomplished anything significant but here are some highlights.

There are a number of projects that I'm currently working on that I haven't open sourced yet because I'm not content with the current state they're in; these are new projects that I'm still experimenting with. I do all of my open source work so I can learn and practice; I also do it because I genuinely enjoy it. Because I do it for fun, I don't expect or want anything in return but I don't want to be demoralized either. Without going off on a tangent or whining, here's a friendly reminder to show some appreciation to developers however you deem fit. It can be as simple as star'ing the repository on GitHub or a shout-out on Twitter or whatever platform. This has been the first year where I've gotten random mentions and recognition for some of my projects outside my typical circles and it's awesome! It's very encouraging and motivating to get that type of feedback.

What do I have planned for 2018? Well... The whole concept of doing something new in the new year seems rather ridiculous to me; I have goals and plans year around that rollover from year to year. I have at least 4 different projects that will overlap during my winter break from school. Is it crazy or unhealthy? Probably.