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Updates to

It's the 4th of July and you know what that means for me, right? It means I do my best to avoid spending time with friends and extended family. Today, I spent time improving my domain, which is used for hosting the documentation for my projects/libraries.

Here are the updates I pushed out to the domain today:

  • It is now served via HTTPS only
  • All URLs are served as lowercase and without the .html extension
    • Case sensitive URLs will automatically be rewritten as lower case
    • Links with .html extensions will automatically be rewritten without them
    • There should be enough redirects in place to prevent any broken links but let me know if you find any
  • Documentation is now updated within minutes of commits to the project (if things don't break)

The domain is hosted on Netlify and the repository for the configuration of this site is available under allejo/ on GitHub. I'm using Netlify's incoming webhooks with GitHub's outgoing webhooks in both the PhpSoda and PhpPulse repositories so it'll trigger a rebuild of the documentation each commit I make to these respective repositories.

There's room for improvement in this project; e.g. don't rebuild the documentation for both projects when only one project has been updated. However, it works for now!