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Welcome Into My Life, Jekyll

It's been an eternity since I launched my Jekyll based website (this one) but up until now, I hadn't done much with it nor had I done much with Jekyll. It wasn't until recently where at both of my jobs, I started using Jekyll a lot more and was able to experiment and discover some better practices. I'm no Jekyll expert but I finally feel comfortable enough with Jekyll and Liquid to work with it efficiently to get a product out. Better yet, I am comfortable enough to be able to assist on #jekyll; that's an IRC channel for you youngins who only know Slack.

I was finally able to dedicate a weekend to work on my website and well, here we are; this is it. There is still a lot more that I have planned for my personal website, but that will probably be built in the coming days. I'm not using any CSS frameworks other than Thoughtbot's Bourbon and my very own OnTheRocks—a flexbox based grid system built before they were cool and common. There is still a lot of Sass I need to rewrite, fix, or optimize and probably quirks on the website but I really hope none of them are embarrassingly bad.

Welcome into my life, Jekyll.