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BZFlag Plug-Ins

A lot of my work for BZFlag goes to the game server code and the plug-in API. These are some of the plug-ins that I have written and continue to actively maintain and support.

All Hands On Deck

All Hands On Deck is a plug-in which introduces a new game mode, originally designed by trepan. The goal of the game mode is to take the enemy flag to a specified location with the entirety of your team in order to earn the point; if one teammate is missing, it's not a valid capture!


This plug-in allows server owners to restrict which BZDB settings an admin is allowed or not allowed to change.


Checkpoint is a plugin that allows players to save their spawn positions throughout a map in specified zones. This plug-in is useful for obstacle course maps or strategic maps where players would be able to choose where to spawn.

CTF Overseer

CTF Overseer implements all of the CTF-related features from Planet MoFo's Apocalypse map. This plug-in has a number of features relating to capture events such as,

  • Disable self-captures
  • Disable a team flag from being grabbed X seconds after it was capped (prevent "pass-camping")
  • Award bonus points to the player who capped the flag based on team counts
  • Announce custom messages on capture events

Demilitarized Zones

A BZFlag plug-in that introduces the DMZ map object. Any tank that shoots inside this zone will have their shots converted into Phantom Zoned shots, rendering them harmless to most tanks.


Dodgeball is a BZFlag plug-in that introduces a deathmatch-like game mode. Each time a player is killed, they respawn in a "jail" and the only way to escape from jail is to kill an enemy tank while you're in jail. The team that wins the round is the one that manages to place the rest of the enemy team in jail.

Last Tank Standing

Last Tank Standing is a game mode where, after each 60 second round, the player with the lowest score will be eliminated until there is only one tank left standing. It's a battle royale! ...but with tanks.

League Overseer

League Overseer is the plug-in used by servers to automatically report match results to respective websites, whether it's a league affiliated server or a server with regular fun matches. Prior to this plug-in, players would report the match results to a referee who would then manually enter the results.

Mapped Death Zones

Mapped Death Zones is a plug-in that introduces basic spawning logic to map makers without requiring them to write a custom plug-in. Currently it supports creating custom deathzone objects that when players die in these zones, they will be spawn at the mapped spawnzone object.

Persistent Mutes

Persistent Mutes is a modification to the /mute system on BZFlag servers. bzfs' default behavior mutes are automatically deleted whenever a player leaves meaning that players can rejoin to bypass a mute. This plug-in will save all mutes for 5 hours so players who rejoin to bypass the mute will remain muted.

Player Join Handler

The Player Join Handler plug-in keeps track of player sessions and automatically moves players to the observer team if a timed match is in progress and they were not already on the server (joining a match late or substitution).

Safe Genocide

A plug-in that introduces the "Safe Genocide (SG)" flag, which has the same behavior as the regular Genocide flag except it won't kill the entire time.

Score Restorer

A plug-in that restores a player's score whenever they rejoin within a set amount of time to encourage players to keep teams balanced without losing their score.

Shot Limit Zone

A plugin that allows you add shot limits to a flag based on the location of where it was grabbed. The difference between this plugin and the default -sl option is that by using the option, you are limiting all of the flags of the same type where with this plugin you will only limit the shot limit of a flag if grabbed from a specific area in the map.

Spawn at Base

This plug-in allows map makers to specify custom locations on the map for a team to spawn after their flag has been captured or initial spawn without enabling 'freeCTFSpawns' and always having a random spawn.

Useless Mine

Useless Mine is a plug-in that gives the Useless flag a purpose: to leave mines on the battlefield. As players drive over these hidden mines placed by opponents, a shockwave will explode at their location. This plug-in also introduces the Bomb Defusal flag, which allows players to combat and defuse hidden mines.


VPNBlocker is a plug-in that will query third-party services to check whether or not a joining player's IP is from a VPN. If it detects an IP is a VPN, it'll auto-kick the player and disallow future connections from that IP.