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BZFlag Projects

I actively contribute to the community in the form of third-party projects unaffiliated with the official project.


A Symfony bundle inspired by FOSUserBundle built to work with BZFlag's web authentication system; building Symfony sites supporting BZFlag users has never been easier.

BZFlag Plug-in Starter 2

A tool used to build the skeleton of BZFlag plug-ins with support for defining which API events to listen to, registering custom slash commands, and setting up generic callbacks used for inter-plugin communication. This project has inspired a separate subproject used to generate syntactically correct code in other languages.


BZiON is an open source league management system written for BZFlag's Leagues United to manage players, teams, matches, and tournaments. It was the first mobile-responsive website in the community and included many new features when compared to its predecessor.


A Symfony based pastebin website built to share saved messages from BZFlag's /savemsgs command. This website is built on top of two projects, one that transforms ANSI escape codes and the other that filters message logs.