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Here are some open source libraries I've written and maintain because they either didn't exist or the existing implementations were lacking/abandoned.


A JavaScript library dedicated to generating C++ programmatically; the goal is to expand support for other languages as well.


A port of highlight.js to PHP to handle server-side syntax highlighting. I became a contributor to the project to help it keep it up to date with language definitions and making it easier to use as a dependency.


A library designed to bring privacy to your php-vcr cassettes by letting developers hide any sensitive information such as emails, passwords, or API keys. Gone are the days of hoping no one steals your API keys.


An API wrapper for DaPulse, a project management service. All API endpoints and results are wrapped into objects to make API calls simple without having to worry about cURL or Guzzle.


A PHP library for working with the Socrata API. Provided as an alternative to Socrata's official implementation, this library fills the short-comings of the official library by providing more functionality, a more object-oriented approach, documentation, and plenty of example code.


A fork of the original project which provides an accessible dialog as a React component using the a11y-dialog project.