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Web Design

By circumstances beyond my control, I was nudged into the field of web design/development and have not left since. I guess you could call me a full-stack developer since I often handle everything from sysadmin to back-end development to front-end development. These are some of the websites that I've worked on whether it was for work, open source, or freelance.


The City of Santa Monica provides fiber connections to local businesses and affordable housing buildings. During my time as an intern web developer for the City of Santa Monica, I worked on building a site for the business side aspect of CityNet.

Youth Tech Program

During my time being part of the program staff, I worked on making the website more modern and approachable by students. Additionally, we were able to focus on extending the site to have more information such as partners and statistics.

Leagues United

BZiON's goal was to replace the old bz-owl project and its first release marked the launch of Leagues United, a merger of the existing BZFlag leagues. This was the first time a league website in the community had been mobile responsive.